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Kolleen's Bio

Kolleen discovered God had given her the ability to write when she found herself unexpectedly broken by a season of change. As she studied God's Word with a journal in hand, God began to show her that she had become lost in her identity by allowing her "do" to infect her "who." God began to reveal that she was living in a false identity;

her true identity was found IN Christ. 

​Never imagining God would take the pages of her journal and use them to begin her journey into writing, over the course of time,  #beYOU: Change Your Identity One Letter at a Time was published. It's been said that Kolleen has a way of taking the circumstances of her life to reveal a principle everyone can relate to from God's Word. 

Throughout the years, Kolleen has written articles for numerous ministries. She writes regularly for Upgrade with Dawn and is a contributing author to Life, Repurposed: Stories of Grace, Hope, and Restored Faith. Kolleen loves to share what God is showing her at retreats, conferences, MOPS meetings & Bible studies.

As the Ex. Director of Communication and Content of Activ8Her, Inc, Kolleen writes and creates the content for the teachings. Activ8Her is a women's ministry which seeks to empower women to connect in authentic relationships, become confident leaders wherever God has given them influence, and become courageous in their faith. Along with ministry partner, Chrissy Garrett, they produce monthly teaching videos which are distributed to each of the Activ8Her chapters and can also be found on YouTube. 

​You can connect with Kolleen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as at 


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