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Imagine my surprise when I began to hear the gentle whisper of speak Kolleen from deep within, while at the same time a compulsion to share my discoveries from God's Word began to rise. I'd been conditioned by circumstance to believe silence created less conflict; remember the days when report cards were sent home? My communication has always gotten me in trouble. Who, me? The girl who's always managed to get herself into trouble for speaking too much, too harsh, or too critically? Yes, you. 

Now, years later, I find myself compelled to speak and share my struggles with purpose and identity; my insecurities and doubts. God is amazing like that; He can take the very thing used against you and repurpose it into a tool used for His glory. 


We don't need to wrap yourself up in shame any longer for who we believe we're not. God's created each one to #beYOU! He's called us by name and has a divine purpose and identity for us—that's me and you! He's just waiting for you to allow Him to flip-the-script on how you see yourself, and what you know about Him. It's time to release your identity struggles and step into your true identity; your identity IN Christ. 


It's time to activate, become and confess! It's time to #beYOU!

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